Periwinkle: My favorite Flower

Years ago, back when i reached the height of my innocence, I recall being in a garden shop with my father. As we walked in I remember being taken back by the  aroma of the garden shop. Roses, lily’s, daffodils, etc. We were surrounded by what seemed like billions of different variations of flowers, diversity at its best. My father was in search of some sort of tool, so I became bored and drifted off as all children do. Then right there in front of me was the alluring presence of the periwinkle. I was quickly captivated by the lavender color and i thought ” how peaceful”. It danced as the wind passed a cool clam breeze. The loose strands in my hair must have felt compelled to move because they too danced with the wind in unison with the periwinkle. The movements of the leaves exemplified a beautiful  kind of peace. I glared at the periwinkle, eying its every detail, becoming acquainted with it, and  becoming one with it. My father tapped me on the shoulder removing me from the trance, and asked ” ready to go?” I stared at him for a moment, with a genuine sincerity omitting from  my eyes, as if i were in distress, as if i were on the brink of tears and said “Daddy can I please have this?” My Father must have felt the bond because without hesitation he said “yes”. Just like that my first encounter with beauty, with love, and with peace was in my possession and it belonged to me.

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Leap of Faith or Push of Faith ?

I’ve always heard people say that a person will never feel ready, but rather a person must be willing to take a leap of faith and go after their dreams. After all, fear isn’t real. Fear is something that we internalize. Fear is something that is made up. We fear because we imagine things and scenarios that may never come into existence. Fear is actually caused by the unknown. I’ve also heard that when a person desires something the whole universe conspires to give it to them. So what happens when a person desires something but fear precludes them from taking that leap of faith?

Then, I suppose a person would experience what I like to call a “push of faith”. A push of faith occurs when a person is forced to follow their desires instead of waiting for the right moment. After all, there never really is a right moment.

As I start attracting  my first few clients, I realized that maybe this was a “push of faith”. I had this dream, but in my mind  I needed several things in place before I actually set out to fulfill my desires.  I was often, and still am, very fearful. But I truly believe this was a push of faith because I was scared to take that leap.

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Words from a woman who knows her worth.

The following is a submission from a friend of mine. Let’s call her Nicole. Nicole is a very good friend of mine and she’s an inspiration. She’s a woman who not only knows her worth, but strongly believes in her desires and she’s patient about the timing of it all. Here is what she had to say:

It’s the longest relationship I’ve been in, largely because I don’t feel any kind of marry-me-now pressure from her

This is a quote from a very respected member of the Christian community. A man who has brought God to the big screen In a big way. One who refused to work with tv networks unless they allowed him to use God’s name in his sitcoms. Christian’s make mistakes all the time. We are not perfect, so praise God for being a God of mercy and sparing his wayward children from the many awful things we deserve. We are all flawed and he knew that and that is the reason He gave us the most amazing gift of sending His son to die on the cross for our sins. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God and there is no one walking this earth who has lived a perfect life aside from Jesus.
That being said we do not represent Jesus well. We do not represent the man who gave His life for us well when we go against the laws given for our protection when we commit sin and treat it as if it is not such a big deal. It is one thing to make a mistake, another to callously revel in it, and yet another to make those who are trying to live for the Lord’s honor feel as if the problem is with them.
This is the longest relationship you have had because she is not pressuring you to marry her now. This is your sister in Christ but every time you take her to bed you treat her more like a harlot than royalty which is what she is if she truly is sister in Christ. What you say in that one quote is that I don’t want a woman who respects herself, I don’t want a woman who makes me accountable, and I don’t want a woman who hold to the precepts given by my Lord and savior. Moreover, you are insutating that those women who expect all that they’re heavenly father, the God that you server, wants for them are expecting too much.

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Friday nights and me time.


Today I realized I haven’t spent much quality time with myself lately, so I decided to change that. Tonight my only plans were dinner, wine, and some television. Being the seafood fanatics that I am, my menu consisted of Spaghetti Di Mare. For my seafood I only used mussels, shrimp, and fish. I used a white wine and tomato sauce. Added in a colorful array of peppers, some garlic, and onions. For dessert I had a delicious French pastry filled with chocolate. Lastly, a glass of my favorite wine, Pinot Griot.