Amateur Traveler

I’ve been so busy that I forget to share with you all that I went to California. It was beautiful.

We visited Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Diego, Lake Elsinore, and of course Laguna Beach. While walking down Laguna beach I suddenly got the urge to stand on the rocks and take a picture overlooking to the pacific ocean. Much to my misfortune, although an excellent kodak moment, a massive wave struck me as I turned to look at the ocean. It was horrible and beautiful at the same time.




I became a writer, or at least I believe I am, because I do not know any other way to express myself. I’m a lawyer. My job is to argue in front of judges, mediators, and sometimes my clients to convince them to agree with my understanding of law and facts. I am damn good at doing that, I like to call myself young Cochran. :).

When it comes to work, i am a verbal goddess. When it comes to voicing my opinions on social and political issues, I am very persuasive. I am engaging when it comes to casual talk. These are not my issues, I am able to fully express myself using carefully selected words.

When it comes down to matters of the heart, I forget how talented I am with words. My only real recourse in expressing my emotions is to put pen to paper. It is as if I become truly awakened when my finger tips begin to glide across the illuminated keypad. My mind is suddenly quite and my thoughts are sorted out.  I am writer, because it’s healthy for me.