3 Reasons Why You Should Meal Prep + Meal Prep Hacks

The hardest part of any health/fitness journey is the nutrition! Let’s dive into the 3 reasons why you should meal prep. Plus, I will add in some meal prep hacks that I use to save myself time and energy.


I’ll be honest, for years I avoided meal prepping and the logical reasons why I should meal prep.  I figured I could just wing it. I would purchase healthy frozen meals, order all things grilled while out, and I was sure that I would have the energy to make dinner most nights.  Guess what ? I almost always failed. Then I entered into the cycle of frustration because I was being consistent in the gym and not seeing any results.  The truth is, my nutrition wasn’t consistent and so my body was not responding despite my endless cardio sessions.

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Eventually, I leaned all about macro nutrition and the idea of flex dieting.  What are macros and flex dieting ? Here is the short of it, I promise more to come in a later post. “Macro” is short for macronutrient. Macronutrients consist of  the three categories of nutrients you eat the most and provide you with most of your energy: protein, carbohydrates and fats. The theory is that each body type responds to different types of macro combinations differently. You may respond better to higher fats or lower Protein.


Flex dieting is method derived from macros.  Essentially, it doesn’t view any food as “bad” but rather all foods are acceptable so long as it fits your macros. There are a lot of different approaches here. Some view Flex Dieting as only effective if all the foods are “clean”, which means only unprocessed Whole Foods.  Others take flex dieting for its literal meaning and will eat pizza and burgers every day if it’s fits their macros.  The last method is the one the I believe in the most, is a balanced approach which combines “clean eating” and  “dirty eating”.  My personal belief is that the balanced approach is far more sustainable.

Flex dieting was great for my lifestyle because it allowed me to pick up food as I moved along in my day, so long as the meal fit my macros. I became extremely good at hitting all of my macros despite where my travels and day led me.  BUT it wasn’t easy and a bit stressful. Every single day I had to think of what I could eat, which restaurant was acceptable, etc.  It was, at times, a tad overwhelming.

Flex dieting on the go is great if your only goal is to maintain.  If you are serious about losing fat or building muscle, then I recommend a more  structured flex dieting approach.  You still can eat the foods you love, but instead of winging — plan it. Meal prep all of the foods you love that fit your macros, that is how you stay consistent and get serious results.

In case you needed more convincing:

3 Reasons Why You Should Meal Prep

  1. Time: Instead of going to the grocery multiple times in a week, you are now making only one trip.  You’re also no longer wandering aimlessly down the aisles, you know exactly what you need.  You know longer need extra Time to cook breakfast or figure out what’s for lunch and dinner.  Additionally, you aren’t cooking every day.  What will you do with all this extra time ? Tell us below!
  2. Results: I promise you this – if you stay consistent with your macros and/or meal plan, your body will experience changes you never thought were genetically possible.  I PROMISE.
  3. Money Saver: On Sunday, I spent about $80 at the grocery story buying what I needed for my 6 meals per day.  Let’s do the math.  For 6 days, that is about $13-$14 per day.  6 meals for $13.  I bet you’re spending $13 on lunch alone.

If you want more personalized and detailed help with your diet click here.


  1. Create your Meal Plan and Menu before heading to the grocery store. Do you want to eat the same thing every day ? Or do you need to switch it up.
  2. Buy  frozen veggies. These will cook a lot faster and could potentially be cheaper
  3. Buy pre cut onions and peppers, etc. I mean, if you’re trying to save time, do you want to chop onions ? Need I say more ?
  4. Invest in an Airfryer. It is 2020 and if you don’t know how magical and amazing airfryers are, then major side eye.  I recommend getting an air fryer and cooking all of your protein in it! It is a lot faster than oven!
  5. Invest in a pressure cooker. This will save LOTS of time for things like rice, potatoes, beans, etc. If you purchase fresh veggies, this will cook them very quick also.
  6. Invest in meal prep containers.
  7. Get a Food Scale!  A food Scale will guarantee that your portions are correct and that you are on the right plan!
  8. Invest in a meal prep bag.  I love Isolator Fitness! I have used my bag since 2018.

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