2018 was an interesting year of travel! Interesting in a very good way, I only intended to travel to 4 countries and ended up traveling to 9! I went with the flow of things and let the universe tell what it wouldn’t me to see. This travel year led me to bond with old friends and make new friends. Each destination was special not only because of the location but because of the people who traveled with me.  If you’re interested in traveling more, check out my travel consulting information and contact me !

Here goes the Best of 2018 in the order which it occurred.

1. Grand Cayman Islands.

February of 2018 marked the first month of travel. My family and I decided to take a much needed vacation and what better way to do it than a cruise? A cruise provides affordable pricing and predictable budgets. These two factors make cruises ideal for large groups in that any given cruise will be sure to fit most budgets. On top of that, you get the pleasure of being trapped on a boat with those you love. We ate breakfast together, lunch, dinner, went to the bar, found activities, and just really got a chance to disconnect from the world and connect with each other. If you’re interested in a Cruise, ask me! I have amazing specials with most cruise lines! Contact me. Western Caribbean Cruise

The Cayman Islands was our first stop on the Carnival Western Caribbean Cruise.  We took a taxi to 7 mile beach and lounged on the beach the entire day sipping pina coladas. The island is pretty small and there really isn’t much else to do other than… well… relax!

2. Cozumel Mexico

The next and final island on the cruise, was Cozumel. Cozumel is located near Cancun and so the activities are similar. One of the major attractions is to visit the Mayan Ruins. Majority of us had already been to Mexico so we opted for an all inclusive beach with water sports, food, and liquor. Read more hereCozumel Mexico

3. Iceland

This was honestly my favorite vacation! Not because of the destination but because of what we did! About 20 women randomly got together and decided to take a weekend trip to Iceland and Norway. It was epic! It was quick! But it was memorable and exciting also. We were all really interested in the Blue Lagoon and we were pleasantly surprised with how beautiful Iceland is outside of the Lagoon. Read more here.

Blue Lagoon

4. Oslo, Norway

Norway was the second destination of our epic girl’s trip. We really got a chance to explore the city by foot and wander through the streets. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and a night on the town.

5. Toronto Canada

We took a trip to Canada for Caribana, the popular Caribbean carnival. Toronto is such a beautiful city with  beautiful people.  We got a chance to meet so many different people from different parts of the world all while dancing to reggae from sun up to sun down.  Caribana Carnival

6. Bahamas

This was my second time in the Bahamas and it was still a relaxing experience. This trip was planned by someone else as part of a surprise birthday trip. This time, however, we actually explored the city and found a local restaurant and ate delicious authentic food. I had a craving for conch, specifically grilled conch. Conch is very popular in Haiti too and I personally prefer the Haitian dish.

7. Dubai

Dubai was planned as part of a couple’s trip that I orchestrated. Read more about it here. This trip was special mainly because of the people on it. It was a beautiful showing of strong relationships and friendships. We had a blast riding through the desert and absorbing the city.

8. Abu Dhabi

We could not visit Dubai without also planning a day trip to Abu Dhabi to see the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The Mosque is beautiful but we did have have to follow some pretty strict rules before entering. Read about it here. We also got to see the famous buildings were Fast & Furious.

9. Phuket, Thailand

The last destination of 2018 was Phuket! It was tropical and mountainous and beautiful. We all stayed at a large Airbnb and really got a chance to connect. The house was perfect because we each had our separate and private suites and shared a common area that was large, has a pool, and overall great entertainment center. We stayed here.

I’ve already started planning some trips for 2019 that I am really excited about and can’t wait to share the details!

Till next time,

Esquire in love ❤️


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