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This week’s Blogger Crush Wednesday goes to Brittany Xandria Holmes.  Aside from being my best friend, she is also an up and coming talented writer. She is a modern day Anais Nin and she writes from a place where her lovers once lived. Her stories are real, sensual, and empowers femininity. You will fall in love with the stories found in her “Letters to my Lovers” segments.  The Softest Place on Earth will challenge your imagination to recall when you fell in love and when you fell in lust — somewhere in the middle is where stories live. Her writing is almost as beautiful as her and her personality.  If you don’t believe me, check her out here at the Softest Place on Earth . Grab your coffee, grab your tea, or grab your wine — its story time ladies.

Apart from writing, she is an avid traveler and her photography is beautiful! Be sure to follow her on Instagram and keep up with this writer who is always on the go.

— Esquire in Love

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