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I tried Green Chef for the first time and here is my review plus the process of cooking a meal.  (use Code Sophia90 to get $90 off) 

What is Green Chef and why should you care? Green Chef is a a USDA Certified company that offers weekly meal kit delivery. Meal kit simply means all of the ingredients for each meal are delivered to your door, unlike meal prep which means the food is cooked and delivered.

What first caught my attention before beginning the process of selecting my meals was the flexibility of the menu. Green Chef offers Keto, Paelo, Balanced living, and a Plant Based menu. So regardless of your nutrition plan or dietary restriction, Green Chef offers a menu that will work with your plan.

Green Chef

I selected the balanced-living menu since I am currently eating lots of calories and have very little restrictions. I selected a menu, picked a delivery day, and waited it out. My box was delivered on a Tuesday. I got the notification that it was delivered around noon but I did not get home until around 7pm.

I was surprised and happy to see that the box was well insulated and kept the seafood at safe temperatures. The vegetables were super green and fresh.

I decided to make the Barramundi with Chimicurri Sauce as my first meal. The box came with :

2 (5oz) Barramundi fillets, Cumin-coriander-oregano spice blend, Creamy chimichurri with avocado mayo, Zucchini, Red bell peppers, Yellow Onions, Pepitas, and Cilantro.


Green Chef provides a card with a picture of the meal plated and a step by step easy to follow directions for cooking the meal. I love to cook so I found the recipe easy BUT it was simple enough that if cooking is not your thing you won’t mess it up lol.



The total cook time was 30 minutes! Such an easy meal to cook after a busy day at work and its a bonus that all ingredients would already be at my house! What I normally do Is stop at the grocery store on my way home from work and pick-up the few ingredients that I may need. This usually means that I am getting home later.

Green Chef allowed me to maximize my time home after work for more relaxation while still enjoying a quality home cooked meal with USDA organic ingredients and eating within my nutrition plan.

The macros for the meal were lovely!

MACROS: 27G Carbs, 23G Fat, and 32G protein. Total Calories 4oo.



Try your own box from Green Chef Here and get $90 dollars off.


Until next time <3

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  1. Xandria
    September 18, 2019 / 9:01 pm

    is this anything like Hello fresh? Is there a big difference in prices that you know? BTW you look amazing and so does the food. Loved this article!

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