First, if you are fortunate to have a group of girlfriends who are loving and supporting, then you are truly blessed! My group of girlfriends set out for our second annual girls trip. Last year, we ventured through the beautiful Havana, Cuba. This year, we explored Iceland and Norway. We flew Icelandair because they offer a free stopover in Iceland either before or after your destination. Our destination was ideally Iceland but wanted to add an extra stop, so we booked it as a stopover and flew to Oslo, Norway as the final destination.  WowAir is another airline that offers the same StopOver deal, both are headquartered in Iceland. We spent 24 hours in Iceland and 24 Hours in Oslo. I used my usual tips for booking flight deals, find them here.




We arrived in Reykjavik, Iceland at 6:10 am. Our hotel, the Northern Light Inn, booked our tour, transportation, and Blue Lagoon Reservations. We booked our Golden Circle tour with Reykjavik Excursions so we knew it would be a packed day! While we were waiting for the remaining girls to arrive, we took advantage of the time and washed up in the bathroom from our overnight flights. I did my hair and make-up.  Our transportation broke-down on the way to pick us up which set us behind schedule. Luckily, the tour waited for us and even gave us time to place our belongings down and change!

Our first stop was the frioheimar greenhouse cultivation which is Iceland’s biggest greenhouse for pesticide free tomatoes.  The small cafe inside fo the greenhouse sold, Bloody Mary’s, Happy Mary’s, Tomato Beer,  Tomato Soup, and Coffee. I am not really big on tomatoes so I had coffee.  Next we headed to the Geysir geothermal area in South Iceland. There were tons of hotspings that were said to be boiling hot.

Well Dressed Well Traveled


The Gullfoss waterfall was beautiful! That was my first time ever seeing a waterfall of that magnitude. We saw a small water fall in Jaco City, Costa Rica, but it was nothing like Gullfoss! See also here.

Our last stop on the Icelandic tour was the UNESCO National Park (Thingvellir Par). We walked down a long path and saw where the North American Tectonic plates met the European Tectonic plates.  Get Well Dressed Well Traveled Shirt here.

Iceland National Park

After the tour, we went back to the room and got ready for the Blue Lagoon!

Blue Lagoon

We booked the premium package at the Blue Lagoon which include two facial mask, a free drink at the swim-up bar, a robe, slippers, and dinner reservations at LAVA. The Blue Lagoon was much more than we imagined. Once you walk in, you’re handed a colored wrist-band based on the package you purchased. You’re then handed a robe with slippers and led to the locker rooms. The locks are free and controlled with your wrist band. You have to shower before entering the Blue Lagoon. The showers are private and they provide shampoo and conditioner, but no body wash — you need to bring your own There are two ways to get into the lagoon. The first is the easiest and will avoid any cold air, follow a ramp from the inside that leads to the lagoon. The second, you run outside and hop in the water.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon

Silica mud mask and Alega mud mask felt amazing on my skin! Check-out the full day in a short video here.


Oslo, Norway

On day two, we had another early start as we checked out of the Northern Light Inn and headed to the airport for Oslo. We landed at 12:00pm. Oslo is two hours ahead of Iceland, so our two hour flight felt more like four. Some girls had to check-in their carry-on luggage at the gate in Iceland, so we had to head to luggage claim once we landed. After everyone retrieved their belongings, we started to walk towards the FlytoGet, which is the airport express train that takes you to the city. On our way there, we found a super cute pizza shop in the airport called Peppes Pizza. It was so yummy! My cheese slice was more like margarita pizza because it was baked with a slice of tomato.

It was super easy to get train tickets and figure out where to go. Some of us booked our tickets via a mobil app and some used the kiosk. We took the train to the National Theater Station and our hotel, Scandic Soli, was about 100 meters away. There was an officer standing outside and he was able to point us in the right direction.  We checked-in, paid, and put our belongings in our room. Originally, we planed to take the Red Bus hop-on hop-off tour to see the city, unfortunately, there was marathon going on that shut the major roads down. All bus services were suspended.  Instead of letting the day go to waste, we improvised and took the streets of Oslo by foot! Oslo, Norway

Oslo was beautiful! The roads were paved with brick and the city sits along the Norwegian Sea which is part of the North Atlantic Ocean. There were plenty of cute bars and we even found an old fort! After we wore ourselves out exploring Oslo, we found a super cute roof-top for happy hour! I love how happy hour easily translates to most cultures! Its 5’o’clock somewhere!

After happy hour, we prepared for a nice Girls Dinner at Sumo Sushi. The food was delicious and the drinks were amazing. I ordered the Johnny Walker and it was a perfect cognac mixer. For dinner I had the lobster roll. After dinner, we found a night-club about two doors down from the restaurant and we had a great time. You can see highlights from Norway on my Youtube Channel here.

Oslo, Norway, Girls trip

So here is the truth about Oslo. The city is beautiful and very atheistically pleasing. However, the people aren’t the friendliest and quite frankly can not hide their intolerance. We spoke to some locals who confirmed our suspicions but stated that this was more prevalent with older citizens than the younger ones. So if you’re a minority traveling to Oslo, I would definitely recommend staying alert and keeping this in mind.

Oslo, Norway

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