My Fitness Journey

Fitness is very much a part of my life, however I do not have a perfect body and I don’t desire one. I am not a figure competitor and I am not training to become one. What I am striving for is a healthy lifestyle that will enable me to live my best life. Health should be the foundation for our lives and I’ve always believed that good health correlates with success.  What we put into our bodies and how we treat our bodies matter — this is definitely the curx of self care.

Getting into fitness wasn’t difficult for me, I’ve been physically active since the age of nine. At nine years old I began running track & field, I was a competitive cheerleader, and I was dancer (ballet, tap, & Jazz). What was difficult for me was getting back into fitness and learning how to make healthier eating choices.  I used to live off of the double cheese burger and small fries combo at McDonald’s, and can’t forget the large sweet tea.

In 2011, I stopped being a competitive athlete when I graduated from college. I started law school during the summer of 2011 and was quickly consumed by the madness of law school.  Not to mention, it was the first time ever in my life that I had to work-out on my own and on my own schedule. To say that I lacked motivation was an understatement. I would get in the gym once or twice a week for two months, then I’d take a break. I joined a cross-fit gym and fell back in love with competing, but the motivation  didn’t last. AND, I was still sliding through the McDonald’s drive thru.

Making A Conscious Decisions to Live a Healthier Life

It wasn’t until last year or maybe 2016, when I finally made a conscious decision to fully commit to health and fitness. I didn’t particularly like what I saw in the mirror anymore, it wasn’t in my old athletic body – it was a body that I couldn’t recognize. However, this was more than appearance, I started thinking about how heavy I felt after certain meals ( yes I am looking at you Mcdonald’s dollar menu) and how tired I’ve become. Someone who used to be so full and energetic was suddenly lethargic and groggy all of the time.

I started to research food and healthy eating options and I remember reading that food should be treated as medicine and should be used to heal our bodies rather than for the purpose of indulging. Also, I learned the concept of calories-in do not equal calories-out. I soon realized that I wanted a healthy sustainable diet that didn’t feel like torture. I didn’t want a fad diet that served no purpose other than fast weight lost — and you shouldn’t either. Yes, I did want to shed some pounds but I also wanted my body to absorb nutrients and be rich.

I didn’t want to deprive myself of food for the sake of the scale, so a low carb diet was total out for me. Actually, diets in general were out for me. The one diet that I do follow, which is more like an eating pattern, is the Intermittent fast. I fast from 8pm to 12pm and fest from 12pm to 8pm. My eating habits are a work in progress but I am definitely progressing. ( Yes, I still occasionally slide to McDonald’s drive thru — Judge me).  Find one of my meal preps here.

Fitness Journey Actualized

Once I developed the motivation to be consistent in the gym, the workouts were easy. What I do is I use my knowledge as a track athlete, my experience from cross-fit, my experience from OrangeTheory, and developed a workout regimen. Creating the workouts are super fun and exciting for me! Here is a sample of one of my workouts below.

Full body workout

Full body workout

Are you still struggling with your fitness journey ? Could you use some additional tips to get going? Let me know below!

Fitness gear purchased from Victoria Secret’s Sport.

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  1. April 13, 2018 / 9:14 am

    I’m having a hard time working out. I do not like the gym and it’s worse now than when I was younger. I need some exercises I can do at home.

    • sophia
      April 17, 2018 / 11:11 pm

      I try to add home workouts! I Thank you.

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