This year I spent/ NYE in city that neither sleeps nor disappoints-New York City.  What is even more special is that I spent  NYE with the same person I entered year 2015 and year 2016 with. Being with him has taught me so many different things about myself, him, life, love, and careers.  That, however,  shall be reserved for a different post.

Much like every NYE I love to reflect on the past year and predict the upcoming year. I’m sure you all have seen the countless memes about how awful 2016 was. While I did have some downs in 2016, I certainly had a lot of ups. The negatives of 2016 defined me and the positives made me the happiest I’ve ever been.

The beginning of 2016 was particularly difficult. I went through and experienced a situation and an emotion that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy (however deserving they may be). I will refrain from divulging into the details–at least for now.  This experience showed me the true powers of the heart and love. Love, actually, does conquer all. I think as a woman, it is important to differentiate when we act out of love verse when we act out of desperation. As a 27 year-old woman, I have been fortunate enough to have learned myself, to have understood myself, and to have loved myself. Because of this, I was able to differentiate between love and desperation.

In 2016, I developed the confidence to grow into my career. I walked into the courtroom with confidence and  spoke with conviction. I tried my first case as second chair and I was a natural. I won my Motion for Summary Judgement, I mediate and settled lawsuits, I was a real lawyer-so to speak. I no longer felt like that lost little girl in a profession dominated by men or rather the good ole boys club.

In 2016, I purchased my very first home. I did it on my own. This, I believe, was my very first act of adulting ( I know, I hate that word too). My home is beautiful, i decorated it in pintrest galore. I made it my own because it is my own.

In 2016, I traveled more. I went to Mexico, California, Las Vegas, D.C., New York, Atlanta. In 2017, the list will expand.

I am looking forward to 2017. As an adult, I’ve learned that although every year we may experience some negativity, we may hurt, we may be disappointed, those moments do not define us or our year. Those moments are temporary and only offer small snippets of our experience. When we choose to focus on these mishaps we start to feel as though  our year was terrible. It wasn’t, darling. Yes, things may not have gone how you imagined but so what? You may not have accomplished all of your goals, but you accomplished some of them, and that is what matters. The progression matters not the completion. So as I stated last year, this year and the years to follow will be about progression not perfection.


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