Sugar Smart Box has revolutionized the way we think about snacks! As a busy young professional,  one of the areas of our lives that is easily neglected is grocery shopping. After you’ve  spent 8-12 hours at work or longer the thought of walking into your local grocery store isn’t the most appealing. The downside to this means we’re likely picking up bad or unhealthy eating/snacking habits. We all crave mid-morning and afternoon snacks and the vending machine is probably the easiest and the least healthy way to crush those cravings.Sugar Smart Box

I just stumbled upon Sugar Smart Box, and I think I’ve found a solution to my snacking woes! Sugar Smart Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers low sugar and low carb snacks monthly! Sugar Smart is perfect for me because I often do not have time to go grocery shopping for healthy snacks or decipher which “healthy” snack is actually healthy. With this box, I will get snacks delivered to me monthly at a low cost and get to try different snacks!

See a quick video of me unboxing here.

The June SugarSmart Box includes:
  1. Keto & Co. Brownie Mix
  2. Habanero BBQ Front Porch Pecans
  3. Coconut Smart Cakes
  4. Sour Cream & Cheddar Protein Chips
  5. Italian Zest Flex Crackers (this was my favorite?)
  6. The New Primal Turkey Jerky
  7. NY Dill Pizootz PeanutsSugar Smart BoxGet your box Here!

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— Esquire in Love ❤️

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