You’re an inspiration, that’s the first thing you need to believe. Your family, friends, social media followers, co-workers, and on-lookers, they have all been inspired by you and continue to be inspired by you. It is not your success that inspires them, it is your failures and your struggles. Specifically, it is how you rise from those failures and struggles. That is the true inspiration and that is what’s most beautiful about you, darling. You ability to fall and rise gracefully.

Of course, to you it doesn’t seem graceful. You cry at night and even sometimes in the day time. You ask yourself “why me?” and you never seem to find the answer. You’re praying yet you are still losing hope, lost in your present circumstances.  You replay events in your mind and you wonder where it all went wrong. You should understand that it did not go wrong, but of course you don’t understand that. You feel weak, you feel victimized by life.

Yet still, you smile. You smile and you keep pursuing. With every closed door you keep knocking. With every dead-end, you make a u-turn. You feel deterred, but you are not deterred. That is the beauty the world sees, darling. That is what inspires.  You didn’t give-up when you could have easily done so. You feel weak, but darling you are stronger than ever. With that smile, darling, the world sees hope. So smile darling, the world is watching.


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