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Jaco City, Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Adventures of a girl with the travel bug.

I am the type of woman who sets a goal and allows nothing to stop her from achieving that goal. I am determined, ambitious with life, and persistent with it all. I set a goal to travel more and much to my surprise I visited 5 countries this year. The last country of the year (until next year of course) was Costa Rica. Tropical, rainforest, volcanos, and great times with great people.

My initial thoughts upon arrival was the atmosphere reminded me of a Haiti–it was tropical and humid. We ordered a transfer service provided by the hotel. Though the transfer service was timely in their arrival, we waited for one more couple to join us. As we waited we were directed to a cafe a few steps away and decided to wait there. The food smelled amazing. Rather than fill up on rice and beans and chicken, I ordered a cheese and ham croissant. It was fresh, warm, and flaky! The absolute perfect combination.

The drive from the airport to Jaco City was about an hour and a half. Our driver stopped at local store where we picked up snacks, drinks, and water. (By drinks I mean alcohol..because…vacation). Our driver made a second stop at a bridge where we could see tons of albino gators. It was like a fish pond, only it was filled with gators. Yikes. Not the type of water I would suggest falling into.

We got to the hotel, checked in and relaxed. There wasn't much time for adventure, so we decided to find a restaurant and have some drinks. If you've been following me, I'm sure you can guess what I had to eat. If you guessed whole fish, then you are absolutely right! At this point, I'm convinced it's impossible make a bad whole fish meal. The fish was amazing, I would have preferred red snapper or a thicker fish, but this was delicious and I would definitely order it again. This restaurant was great except for that fact that they jacked up a $20 bill to almost $100. I guess we got hit with a tourist tax and hidden fees? Is that even a thing? The server wasn't even able to clearly articulate or defend the extra charges.

The next day we geared up for some
Adventure ! We decided to go Zip-lining. I was skeptical at first because of my unrealistic fear of heights. The Zip line was set up throughout the rainforest and there was a total of 10 stations. One station was titled "the big daddy" because it was a mile long and it was the fastest zip-line. After the first Zip-line I realized it wasn't all that bad and was actually fun. Actually, I would zip-line over going on a rollercoaster any day.

After zip-lining, we took ATV's and things through the rainforest and to the waterfall. At this point, it was pouring rain and the mud was flying everywhere as We sped through the rainforest.

On the last day, we took a boat out to the Sea so the men could fish. The boat was small and it rained a bit so the waves were violent. Still, it was a great time.

I would highly recommend visiting Costa Rica if you have the opportunity. It was an amazing trip and I would definitely go back and explore some more.

–esquire in love

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The Adversity of the Black Esquire

This is my experience in my young career as a black attorney. I suddenly found myself in a place where I owed an ethical obligation to my client which heavily conflicted with my morality.

I walked into the conference room confidently and boldly with my client by my side as I signaled him to take a seat. I then signaled to the court reporter that we were ready to proceed with the deposition. My client was sworn in and the proceeding shortly began. It was a typical deposition with typical questions. I objected when I needed to and stayed silent when I needed to.  As I began to feel the deposition about to come to an end, I began to feel relaxed and anxious to leave. Then it happened, I was sandbagged with racial slurs.  Opposing counsel began on a series of questions which caught me off guard. He would repeat racist  quotes then ask my client if he ever said those words to anyone. He was vague with the questions and the source of the quotes. Opposing counsel repeated the racial slurs several times. After each time, I felt myself shrinking into my seat.  I was in a room full of white men who made it their mission to make sure I understood that I represented a person who hated people that looked like me. My client denied ever uttering the words and immediately stormed  out.  At the conclusion of the deposition, my client expressed to me that he was upset because he felt as though he was made out to be racist and that he wasn’t racist. I was fine with that and I could have accepted that. Then he said, “I dated a beautiful black woman before.”  Anyone who has a meager sense of “wokeness” understands that this a horrible way to explain that you are not racist.

I do not tell this story to say that suddenly I realized that race in America was a real issue. No. Unfortunately I have dealt with much worse forms of blatant racism that was directed towards me. In fact, my earliest account of pure racism was in kindergarten at age 5.  I tell this story to show what many of us young black professionals encounter in our daily work lives. I think that some of us, myself included, want to desperately believe that because we are educated with careers that we are beyond racism. But that isn’t how racism works because racism isn’t personal–its about the color of you skin and nothing else.



Do What You Want 2017. 

My best friend and I have come up with a theme for 2017.  We call it : do what you want 2017.  I’m a firm believer that most things in life should have a theme.  I think that themes are great motivators. For example, you use the theme to remind yourself what the goal is and what your purpose is.  This year, our theme is “do what you want”.  

Sometimes in life, well at least in my life, I get so focused on the idea of what I’m supposed to be doing instead of what I actually want to do. I think it’s easy for us, or at least me, to fall into this cookie cutter schedule of what I belive I should be doing to obtain some goal that I think I should achieve in some cookie cutter timeframe.  So I’ve dedicated this year, and of course the years to follow, to finally breaking free from what  I think should happen. So, “do what you want 2017” is about doing what I actually want to do, without consideration for what I think I ought to do.  

The key of course is balance. I’m not naive and this isn’t a movie. I still have responsibilities and career goals to be mindful of.  My hope is to find a balance between what I actually want to do and what I should/ need to do.  
I’ll figure it out. More to come loves.  ❤️. 

Esquire Glam

Night of lights and Satin Jumpsuits

We spent our anniversary attending the first night of St. Augustine’s famous night of lights celebration. The entire city is illumined by thousands of Christmas lights–its absolutely beautiful. True to the form of a hopeless romantic we enjoyed the show via horse and carriage tour. The girl who grew-up obsessed with Cinderella had to ride the horse and carriage of course. We ended the night enjoying dinner at the restaurant where we celebrated our first year anniversary. I jokingly insisted that since this was our second anniversary here, then it is unofficially our tradition. After all, we generally mean what we joke about it–right?


Hair: pressed bone straight by me

Make-up: Light beat by me.

Outfit: Satin Jumpsuit in ivory from J-Lux

Necklace: Black lace chocker from Aldo

Shoes: Steve Madden nude