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Punta Cana: Views from the other side

So, it’s wedding season. I’m not exactly sure who dubbed this season as wedding season—but I don’t make the rules. My brother proposed to an amazing woman and they will be getting married in September. With all weddings comes the bachelorette party! My soon-to-be sister-in-law invited me to partake in her bachelorette festivities. The destination was Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. When I initially learned of the destination I was hesitant. My hesitiaton stemmed from all the negative things i’ve heard and read about how Dominicans have historically treated darker skin people and people of Haitian decent.

What I learned was one should never let the opinions or even experiences of others define your own views and perceptions. The island was absolutely beautiful and the people were very welcoming.  There were some people that were rude and tried to scam us, but they accounted for a small minority of who we actually encountered. Punta Cana was different than other islands. Specifically,  I’ve noticed that on other island the people speak english. In Punta Cana, Spanish was truly the language of the country and it was difficult finding an someone to translate.

Lastly, my favorite part was the diversity of tourist. We met people from all of the world enjoying the island just as we were.  Be young. Be free. and travel.


–Esquire in love.



The Chronicles of the Haitian-Cuban

In the most spontaneous series of events, a group of 8 women and 2 men decided to pack their backpacks and board a flight to Havana, Cuba. Cuba has become America’s forbidden fruit. While most americans are either hesitant or fearful to travel to Cuba, particularly because of lingering fears from the historical “red scare” followed by a a travel ban, I was not ever fearful. Rather, I was quite the opposite. I was excited mainly because I have family roots in Cuba but also because of my love for travel. The flights were low, the flight was short, and the airbnb was reasonably priced. It was extremely doable to take a weekend trip to Cuba, spend little, and not take a day off from work. So in all actuality, I can meet my billable goals and explore a foreign country. Work hard play hard, call me the travel savvy esquire!

There are not enough descriptive words in the english dictionary to properly explain the remarkable beauty that is Havana. It was as if the airplane was a time machine and we were transported to the 1960’s and everything was left completely untouched. Havana is uncorrupted from the modern day travesties that are both a gift and a curse. There are no GPS systems and yet with only a mere address the taxi can take you to your exact destination. The buildings were colorful and beautiful. The streets of Old Havana are paved with stone. Actually, to be a bit more relatable, it was as if the time machine took us back to old Miami. The Miami that was before the greed of money and high rises corrupted it.

As an island girl, I thought Havana would be just like any other island. Small, tropical, and beautiful sand. To my surprise, Havana was so much more. There were so many moments when I walked down the streets of Havana and felt as though I had been dreaming. None of it seemed real. I guess it was hard to imagine a city without the pollution, traffic, rudeness, litter, and people too occupied with their phones that they can’t say hello.

Havana is breathtaking, it is fun, and it is absolutely beautiful.

Esquire Glam

Night of lights and Satin Jumpsuits

We spent our anniversary attending the first night of St. Augustine’s famous night of lights celebration. The entire city is illumined by thousands of Christmas lights–its absolutely beautiful. True to the form of a hopeless romantic we enjoyed the show via horse and carriage tour. The girl who grew-up obsessed with Cinderella had to ride the horse and carriage of course. We ended the night enjoying dinner at the restaurant where we celebrated our first year anniversary. I jokingly insisted that since this was our second anniversary here, then it is unofficially our tradition. After all, we generally mean what we joke about it–right?


Hair: pressed bone straight by me

Make-up: Light beat by me.

Outfit: Satin Jumpsuit in ivory from J-Lux

Necklace: Black lace chocker from Aldo

Shoes: Steve Madden nude