A visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is at the top of the Must Do List when visiting Dubai. The marvelous structure is located in Abu Dhabi and is the city’s main attraction. Unlike many attractions, the religious significance of the mosque comes with some rules for visitors to follow. Abiding by these do’s and don’ts will make your visit smooth and enjoyable.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

DO dress appropriately. Women should wear long sleeves and should be covered down to their ankles. Your clothing should be loose fitting. Hair should be fully covered. The easiest way to avoid any outfit hiccups is to purchase an abaya which generally comes with a hair scarf. We purchased ours from the Dubai Mall. However they are available for rent at the Mosque. Underneath my abaya, I wore a loose fitting T-shirt maxi dress from ASOS. Abaya Fashion

Men can wear anything except for a tank top and shorts.

DO bring sunglasses. The white walls mixed with the bright sun can be pretty blinding. If your eyes are sensitive you’ll want to make sure you have on the proper eyewear.

DO take a guided tour. There is so much history and interesting facts about the Grand Mosque that make this a must see. As you’re gazing at the structure in awe, learning about the structure is an added bonus. If you happen to stay in Abu Dhabi then I suggest taking a taxi to to Mosque and joining in on one of the free tours provided. If you’re in Dubai, you can either do a day trip which will include additional stops in Abu Dhabi or taxi over and take the guided tour.

DO take your shoes off before entering the Mosque. Be prepared to leave your shoes at the entrance. There are small shoe storage areas near the entrance where you can store your shoes.

DON’T wear expensive shoes. Because you do have to leave your shoes at the entrance I would not recommend wearing your most expensive pair of shoes. This is pretty self explanatory. The mosque is extremely safe and I don’t have reason for concern here, the headache of leaving your precious shoes is simply not worth it.

DON’T bring in food or drink. There is a cafe on the premise but any food or drink purchased should be consumed inside of the cafe. Food and drink are prohibited. The mosque is extremely beautiful and clean so I totally get this rule.

DO take plenty of pictures. The wonders of the Grand Mosque can not be fully captured on camera but you should still take as many pictures as possible. I would recommend waiting until after your tour because there will be plenty of photo opportunities. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

DON’T bring professional photography equipment. Only cellphone photographs and very discrete photography equipment is permitted. For example, a go pro.

DON’T take photos holding hands or showing affection with the opposite sex while inside the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Men and women can be photographed together but a distance is required or you may be approached by security. Abaya Fashion


DO respect the culture and religion while visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and also while in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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