Fall season brings the ever alluring aroma of change. It is literally everywhere.   The sun sets earlier, time falls backwards, leave change colors, we change from sandals to boots, tank tops to cardigans. I started thinking about the process of change and what causes change.

First, faith. Faith causes change. Faith is the ability to fearlessly believe in something that you can not see. It causes a person to become obedient in higher purpose. Faith shows a person the trees well before it reveals the forest. A power that strong undoubtedly causes change. A person with faith can not remain complacent, because complacency  is the opposite of faith.

Second, love.   Love is closely related to faith. Faith is what we feel when it comes to finding a purpose.  Love is what we feel for people.  Essentially, love is the ability to have faith in people.  When you fall in love with a person, the act of them loving you changes you.  Its absolutely beautiful. Their love makes you want to do better and to be better. In some instances, their love reignites your faith.

Be well <3


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