In honor of International Women’s day, I decided to create a list of the top 5 most influential women who I consider huge influences in my life.  These women each embody characteristics that I admire and strive to have myself. So here are my top influential women In no particular order:

1. Michel Obama

influential women Woman, wife, mother, and our forever First Lady. Michelle Obama is undoubtedly one of the most influential women of our times and her influence will likely exceed well beyond our now. It’s not only her intelligence that captivates us, but it’s her poise and her grace. She’s smart, genuine, and she knows how to be just cordial enough. As she famously said during the presidential primaries, “when they go low, we go high”.”

I began reading her book, Becoming, and I was instantly reminded why she’s so amazing. The book is filled with pure honesty.

2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

influential women The notorious RBG. The great dissenter. What’s not to love ? What I love the most is that she’s consistently been an advocate for all women and minorities. She’s been successful because she unapologetically fought for justice and has never hidden the truth in pursuit of personal gain. She is a true feminist in that she speaks for ALL and not only women who look like her. She’s worked diligently and zealously to move the needle. I admire her consistency, tenacity, and strength.

3. Cardi B.

influential women

Cardi B has always stayed true to herself despite the critics and naysayers. She is  proof that you can be yourself and still be successful as long as you work hard. I remember when she was only known for her brutally honest Instagram videos. Some enjoyed them because she real and some hated it because she was real. On the Song “Pop off “, she addresses her critics who wrote comments saying “what type of man will wife you ?” Her response ” the type of man I like. “. ( I had to paraphrase a bit ?). What I like about that statement is she reinforces that she’ll always be who she is because that’s who she loves and who she’s comfortable with– you either accept her or not but she’s not losing sleep over it. Cardi B doesn’t need to change herself to make anyone comfortable or be accepted, and no one should have to.

4. Paula Bernard

influential women How can I create a list of influential women without including the woman who created and molded me. My work ethic and my drive are the results of influences from my mother. I’ve watched her take care of an entire household, work full time, and still manage to earn a 4.0 GPA in nursing school. Last month, she even went on to earn her Masters and become a Nurse Practitioner. She embodies strength, ambition, grace, and drive. All of things I strive to be and could only hope to achieve.

5. Rosa Parks

influential women The woman who said “na”. Rosa Parks decided that she was tired physically and mentally of the bull shit that was segregation. So when asked to get up from her seat, she said na. In that one moment, this one woman, changed the trajectory of all of our lives. She is responsible for moving the needle and playing a major role to end of segregation. Women are powerful and this is a true testament of how powerful we can be when we’ve had enough.

Happy International Women’s day and May we continue to fearlessly work together to change the world. ❤️❤️

— Esquire in Love ❤️

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