Last week, I wrote about the new trend of Trap Yoga. This week, I attended a new event called “Trap Moves”.  Trap Moves was founded and created by Courtney Matthews . Trap Moves incorporated the upbeat, high intensity, aerobic dance style of Zumba with the ever popular party sounds of Trap Music.  Traditional Zumba is no stranger to diversity because it typically incorporates latin music and attracts a pretty diverse crowd of all ages and backgrounds.  Trap Zumba, on the other hand, was a gem created especially for us millennials who prefer burning calories while listening to Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow.

While Zumba is designed to be an hour-long dance party, it is still important to focus on each movement and think of them as individual exercises with repetitions.  The instructor did an amazing job with sticking true to the fundamentals of Zumba, engaging the class, and adding in her own personal flare and fun. The music choices were brilliantly selected. We ended the workout session with an R&B song where the instructor led us through a sexy stretch-out session. After we were all stretched out and our heart-beats recovered, Uncle Luke’s “Don’t Stop” blasted through the speakers and all the girls formed a large circle.  One-by-one girls jumped in the middle of the circle and freely danced while the rest of us cheered them on. There was a sense of comfort among the girls. It was as if we were all just one group of long-time girlfriends enjoying ourselves in the comfort of our homes.  It was relaxing and fun all at the time time!

Trap Moves plans on having regular events so you will differently have an opportunity to experience it for yourself!

I support any movement that encourges people to get active and fit all while having a blast!  For our careers we are told “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”.  Shouldn’t our health and fitness be the same way?

As with all fun events, they are much better when you’re with your girls!


Till next time,

–Esquire in Love.

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