As I sit here on the eve of my birthday, I am elated. Blessed to have lived, actually lived, another amazing year. I reflect on the amount of growth that has transpired over the past 365 days. #TwentySomething has become my way of categorizing my current state. I am in my twenties still, and the “something”…well that doesn’t matter.

I used to believe that age defines who you are in life and where you are in life. I was wrong. Experience is what defines you. The experience of dreaming, of feeling helpless, of overcoming, of loving, and  of growing. These are the things that define who you are and these are the experiences that all you to find and to keep who you are.

365 days ago, I was a very scared and timid young lawyer who wanted to be a trial attorney. Today, I am fearless trial attorney.   In just 355 days, I’ve grown into a confident lawyer and so much more.

365 days ago, I was a young woman unsure of how to progress my spiritual life. Afraid that I would nerve have enough faith-not even the size of a mustard seed. Today, I’ve taught myself how to pray, how to mediate, and how to grow spiritually. i’ve opened myself up and learned what it really means to take a leap of faith.

365 days ago, I didn’t know how to fully love a person. I learned that a true testament of love is being able to accept and still love a person through their worst flaw and through their mistakes. That doesn’t mean being a fool and allowing a person to disrespect you, it means to ability to still see their perfections.

365 days, I dreamed of traveling. Today, I just came back from a beautiful vacation in Mexico where I explored the mayan civilization and the yucatan. Wanderlust.

365 days ago, I didn’t know how to fully be there for someone. How to show-up. Today, I learned that I don’t the perfect words, I just need to be there. I do not always have to give advice, as long as I give my ears to listen and my heart to understand.

I am thrilled and elated to explore these next 365 days.



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