What do I love more than Theme Parties? Nothing! The child in me absolutely loves the idea of playing dress-up as an adult. A friend hosted a 20s Theme Party for her birthday and it was so much fun! At first, I didn’t even realize it was going to be a themed party. It wasn’t until two days prior that I discovered there was a 20s theme. So I went into quick what do I wear to a 20s theme party panic! I quickly thought about Leonardo DiCaprio  and the Great Gatsby. I knew I needed to be some type of Flapper lol. As I did for the 90s party, I like to dress like me but if I were living in the era: the 20s.

I found my outfit on Amazon! I searched “flapper dress” and there were tons of options. I wore my black Micheal Kors pumps. I left my hair as styled because I wanted to embody a bit of modernness in my look.
What to wear 20s theme party


–Esquire in Love.


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